Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

Just a few minutes of fire can leave you with days of cleanup and repairs.  Or without proper mitigation, stains and odors becoming permanent along with weeks and months of hidden progressive destruction.  That’s why you need to bring in commercial fire damage restoration experts with their full compliment of equipment to begin work immediately.  You want them ready to begin assessment and cleanup as soon as the marshal releases the scene.  It’s critical in minimizing downtime, minimizing restoration costs, and maximizing the number of recoverable items.  It’s why our specialists are on call 24/7 for emergency fire restoration services in the Los Angeles area.

Fire Damage Restoration

Even a small contained blaze can lead to expensive repairs, including extensive fire and smoke damage along with water damage from sprinklers or firefighting. Then there’s issues of airborne contaminants, including bacteria and mold, as well as smoke odors do be dealt with. The first 24 hours of fire and smoke restoration are the most critical. Within minutes plastics and appliances far from the blaze can yellow, and within hours smoke damage includes staining. In just a couple of days acidic compounds have corroded metal fixtures and wall discoloration has become permanent.

Proper commercial fire damage restoration requires a range of specialist knowledge and experience. As described by the IICRC extensive training goes into fire restoration certification, along with years of experience and professional development. Janitorial-type cleaning of ash soot, and smoke only forces contaminants deeper, making thorough removal more difficult or even impossible.

Our Commercial Fire and Smoke Services

Our certified technicians, backed by the latest equipment, head off secondary damage to the building and salvage as many of its contents as possible through commercial fire and smoke restoration, mold remediation, and water damage restoration services.  We’ll take care of the building — including flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures, and floor coverings — as well as contents such as upholstery, window blinds, and shades.

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